Your Mobile POS to Accept Payments Anywhere

Free EMV/NFC Mobile Reader With Bluetooth Connection

Mobile Payment Solutions

Your Fully Mobile, Omni-Channel Payment Solution

Groovv mPOS is an omni-channel, mobile point of sale solution that enables you to accept and manage all types of payments. Our free EMV/NFC mobile reader has a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone for in-person payments. Plus, an easy-to-use online payments portal enables you to email receipts, sync your inventory and run “card not present” transactions.

  • Accept All Payment Types: Take swipe, chip, NFC and “card not present” payments.
  • Accept Payments Anywhere: Take payments on-site and keyed in via virtual terminal.
  • Be EMV Compliant: Protect yourself from liability even on the road.
  • Manage All Transactions: Manage and track all transactions in one interface.

Innovative Handheld EMV/NFC Payment Device

Groovv mPOS comes with a free EMV/NFC-enabled payment device to accept all payment types. Paired with a smartphone via Bluetooth connection, the device enables you to accept payments anywhere.

Innovative Handheld EMV_NFC Payment Device

Key mPOS Hardware & Setup Features:

  • Magstripe card swiper
  • 2.4” Color LCD display screen
  • Backlit, easy-punch keys
  • Built-in Near Field Communication (NFC) for Apple Pay, etc.
  • EMV chip card reader
  • Bluetooth connection to your smartphone
  • Email receipts
  • App downloaded from Google Play or iTunes App Store
  • Access to full online payments suite
  • Payment device size: 4.9” long X 2.7” wide X 0.6” thick
Key mPOS Hardware and Setup Features

Key Benefits of the Groovv Mobile Point of Sale Solution

  • Accept All “Card Present” Payments: Never miss a sale whether a customer wants to pay with a swipe or chip card or an NFC mobile wallet like Apple Pay.
  • Accept “Card Not Present” Payments:  Key in mail and phone transactions through a virtual terminal and accept payments online.
  • Online Payments Portal:  Issue credits, void transactions and manage payments from all sources through one, cloud-based interface. Recurring Billing & Invoicing Email receipts and invoices, bill customers and process payments on a scheduled basis.
  • EMV and Online Data Security:  Protect yourself from liability for fraudulent transactions while securing customer data.

Groovv mPOS Online Payments Suite

Groovv mPOS Online Payments Suite

Groovv mPOS comes with access to all the features of Groovv Online Payments, and it enables you to manage transactions from all sources through one cloud-based interface. Key features include:

  • Virtual terminal to process mail and phone payments
  • Electronic invoicing and hosted pay page to request and accept payments online
  • Recurring billing and secure customer card data storage for later payments
  • Management tools for inventory syncing, order history reporting and transaction voids/credits/refunds

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